cropped-image00211.jpgTots “n” Treble provides music programs for infants as young as 3 months old.  I provide toddler and preschool music classes as well. I currently teach “Music and More” for Tiny Tots and their caregivers  at Armour Heights Community Centre in the GTA. I provide stimulating music programs for

 3-6 month old babies

 6-12 month old babies

 12-18 month toddlers

 18- 24 month toddlers

  2-3 year old preschoolers

In my classes, I will  be using songs, instruments like drums,  ukulele, shakers, and tambourines, as well as puppets, scarves,  bubbles, rhythm sticks, scrunchy balls, hula hoops and the parachute, to introduce children to the joys and enriching effects of music. I provide my Music services to daycare centres and nursery schools.  I am also available for Toddler/Preschool Birthday Parties.


Research has shown that babies, from fetus to toddler, respond intuitively to music and benefit from it. Naturally and instinctively responding to music, the infant and toddler exposed to music can later concentrate and learn more quickly, showing advanced verbal skills, vocabulary, and coordination. Research has also shown that music for very young children generates neural connections, enhancing higher brain functions that enable a child to reason in subjects such as math, physics, and engineering. Early exposure to rhymes, tickle games, songs, and instruments reinforce core first-year developmental milestones such as eye contact, object permanence, and bonding. Babies become aware of the sights and sounds around them which aids in language emergence and focus. Floor activities help to naturally develop babies’ core strength and social skills with other babies as it provides stimulation of the vestibular system.