This is the best Enrichment Program we have had at our PLASP after school program in years. I’ve just emailed all my PLASP colleagues to let them know! 

Queen Street Public School, PLASP director, September, 2017

“My preschoolers had a great time drumming today. You should have seen there faces when they were telling their parents about the drumming lady, lol. Thank you so much for the amazing experience.”

 Parklawn Preschool, March Break 2017

“This was so awesome! We definitely want you back!”

 YMCA, Summer Club 2017

“This was awesome. We could tell that you work with kids a lot, you chunked the mini lessons, and interspersed the lessons with child-centred drumming. The Kindergarten kids would not stop drumming all over the place after you left!” 

PLASP Director Summer Camp 2017

“So impressive. Sometimes it’s difficult to find stimulating activities for the SAC kids (school-aged children). The SAC kids LOVED this. Hoping to have you for P.A. Days and after school. It was so much fun!”